Aggressive Dogs

Is your dog aggressive during grooming?

Your dog is an individual. He or she has a personality and characteristics that make them who they are, we understand that.  We also understand that your dog is not just being difficult during grooming to make their session harder.  They have memories of traumatic experiences these can include  nails being cut too short, razor burns, nick and cuts, falling off tables, forceful handling, loss of a caregiver, natural disasters (hurricanes) and many more.  These experiences can cause your dog to have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  

Just like with war veterans, abuse victims, or disaster survivors, PTSD needs to be handles with therapy.  With dogs the best treatment is systemic desensitization, this is when you help him or her face their fears head on until the fear has subsided.  Positive reinforcement is a great way to help dogs recover but only when your rewarding good behavior, your groomer should know when to be firm yet patient and when to provide a reward.  


Grooming any dog can be dangerous, not just for the dog but also the groomer, one judgement error and your dog could be traumatized.  Groomers jobs are tedious and we use sharp objects around your dog so jumping, fidgeting, quickly turning, or flinching can cause your dog to get hurt.  On the other hand, dogs who have already been hurt need more time and consistency with their grooming appointments.  Some people think that since their dog doesn't like being groomed that they should lengthen the time between appointment, but that is just teaching your dog that since they don't like being groomed if they bite or fidget than they don't have to get groomed. This doesn't fix the problem it just strengthens your dogs fears of grooming.

We are always welcome to providing appointments to aggressive dogs, but we do have requirements that only have your dogs best interest in mind

1.)  We suggest getting your dog groomed every 4 to 6 weeks (any longer can cause your dog to forget the good experience and let the bad experiences take over)

2.)  Your dog may have to wear a muzzle, cone, or both during grooming. 

3.)  Your dog may require two people to groom them.

4.)  Your dog may need a longer appointment

6.)  Consistency is important, due to this if you miss an appointment we reserve the right to not let your dog return




Someone quicked your dogs nails, years ago, ever since everyone who cut their nails has been bit, growled at or snapped at, this is due to when they go to cut the nails, the dog snaps, and they let go. This action just taught your dog how to get out of a nail trim.  This is when systemic desensitization takes place in your dogs recovery, we need to help your dog realized we are not going to hurt them, and the only way to do that is to carefully and painlessly do our job without stopping. Regular nail trims are necessary in helping your dog through their fears.