Dog of the month

February 2019


Our dog of the month for February Is Elizabelle.  Elizabelle is a clumber spaniel mix.  When we first met, Eliza was scared of the world, after working with her and getting to know her. She has completely came out of her shell. 

MARCH 2019


Our dog of the month for March is Luna.  Luna is an aussiedoodle, she has the brightest personality ever, once she gets to know you.  I knew right when I saw her, that we would become best friends. 

April 2019


Our dog of the month for April is Oliie Baba.  Oliie is a shihtzu, he has a face you could never forget.  I would have kept him forever if his mommy and daddy wouldn't have wanted him back. 

May 2019


Our dog's of the month for May are Niles & Frasier.  When Niles and Frasier first started coming to us they were very nervous, but within 20 minutes we had them sleeping in our arms and on the table.  They warmed up so quickly and now everytime they come in they are so excited to get inside they almost pull their mom down.

June 2019


Our dog of the month for June is Henry.  Henry is a goldendoodle.  He loves to play, give kisses, and snuggle up to you after his grooming. He loves going on walks and likes everyone he meets.

July 2019


Our dog's of the month for July is Oliver.  Oliver is a Yorkshire Terrier. He loves snuggling and giving kisses.  He loves his walk outside to go potty and he loves when you smile at him.  We love little Oliver!

August 2019


Our dog's of the month for August is Bear.  Bear is a morkie. I've been grooming Bear for years and he is something special.  He loves getting his hair cut and looking incredible.  When Bear comes in, he can't wait to get his snuggles before his bath. We love Bear!!

September 2019

Our dog of the month for September is Boozer.  Boozer is a mixed breed, who loves coming in to see u

Our dog of the month for September is Boozer.  Boozer is a mixed breed, who loves coming in to see us.  He walks in with out a leash, trots into the grooming room and hops up on the table happily.  He loves getting snuggles and giving kisses.

October 2019


Our dog of the month for October is Addie.  Addie a standard poodle that gets an extravagant miami cut.  Her colors are amazing as she fades from dark to light, leaving her with a deep gray head and pure white poms on her ankles.  She is such a good girl and loves being pampered.

November 2019


Our dog of the month for November is Angus.  Angus is a black pug.  When his dad's first brought him in, they were concerned on whether we would be able to help.  When they had tried to trim his nails at home, the police were called due to neighbors thinking that someone was being murdered.  Angus is loud when he gets something done he doesn't like, and Angus is loud when you pet him and get his good spot. He is hilarious and makes our day every time he comes in.

December 2019


Our dog of the month for December is Annabelle.  Annabelle or Annie for short, has been groomed by me since she was a pup.  She is the sweetest, most well mannered goldendoodle we have ever met. She loves getting groomed, and we always have playtime after she is done. 

January 2020


Our dog of the month for January is Yuli.  Yuli is a long haired shih-tzu. This sweet little girl stole our hearts from day one.  She bounced in excited about getting dolled up. She loves getting brushed and lays down during the process.  She loves to snuggle and give kisses and when she's all done, we always run around with her, as she loves her playtime.