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Dog of the month

February 2019


Our dog of the month for February Is Elizabelle.  Elizabelle is a clumber spaniel mix.  When we first met, Eliza was scared of the world, after working with her and getting to know her. She has completely came out of her shell. 

MARCH 2019


Our dog of the month for March is Luna.  Luna is an aussiedoodle, she has the brightest personality ever, once she gets to know you.  I knew right when I saw her, that we would become best friends. 

April 2019


Our dog of the month for April is Oliie Baba.  Oliie is a shihtzu, he has a face you could never forget.  I would have kept him forever if his mommy and daddy wouldn't have wanted him back. 

May 2019


Our dog's of the month for May are Niles & Frasier.  When Niles and Frasier first started coming to us they were very nervous, but within 20 minutes we had them sleeping in our arms and on the table.  They warmed up so quickly and now everytime they come in they are so excited to get inside they almost pull their mom down.

June 2019


Our dog of the month for June is Henry.  Henry is a goldendoodle.  He loves to play, give kisses, and snuggle up to you after his grooming. He loves going on walks and likes everyone he meets.

July 2019


Our dog's of the month for July is Oliver.  Oliver is a Yorkshire Terrier. He loves snuggling and giving kisses.  He loves his walk outside to go potty and he loves when you smile at him.  We love little Oliver!

August 2019


Our dog's of the month for August is Bear.  Bear is a morkie. I've been grooming Bear for years and he is something special.  He loves getting his hair cut and looking incredible.  When Bear comes in, he can't wait to get his snuggles before his bath. We love Bear!!