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Jackie and John

Courtney Henderson loves dogs, and understand what dogs want, because they tell her with their sounds and body language, and she is paying attention! She is an experienced in grooming and working with dogs.  At her dog spa, Courtney strives to create a superior, full service business with a clean, comfortable, and relaxed environment that allows dogs to be dogs. As requested services are rendered, Courtney talks to your dogs as she scratches their ears and gives mini massages.  Their personalized attention, helps to build trust and confidence, and it works!! Our sweet rescue dog Belle, initially was so shy and lacked confidence.  Courtney worked her magic during grooming sessions.  Now, not only does Belle look amazing, she also holds her head high, is more outgoing, and friendly with others!  From start to finish Courtney supplies 5-star service.


Crystal, Ruby, and Boji

Patty and Chuck

A new Pet Groomer in town! Punta Gorda Pet Spa is conveniently located in Punta Gorda, away from the busy traffic with a stress-free parking lot and waiting room! Courtney and Jason have something really good going on! The Spa is immaculate and really well thought out. You enter the spa into a large, colorful sitting room. Upon our 1st visit, Courtney greeted all of our three dogs by name. She used a playful, yet calm approach to meeting each dog. Courtney has created a detailed notebook for all of her clients, so that she remembers our requests and little details about each pooch personality. As we spoke, the dogs roamed freely and were offered toys to play with. I truly felt like I was dropping my babies off at a best friend's house! Courtney offers various packages to meet the needs of the particular breed. With 100% confidence, I recommend Punta Gorda Pet Spa. The dogs looked absolutely fantastic at pick-up time. They were relaxed and happy and gorgeous!! Thank you, Courtney and Jason!